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Actual user group rights

PLEASE NOTE: the documentation supplied by Sourceforge is consistent with default MediaWiki installations. However, Sourceforge's is not default, for various reasons, but the discrepancies are not very well documented. The following information reflects actual findings that contradict Special:UserGroupRights.

As far as regular browsers of this page are concerned, there are 4 user rights groups:

They can read unprotected pages, view the source of pages and their edit history. You cannot write anything if you are not logged in.
This is the state one is after the first login to MediaWiki. The only thing you gain is a potential user page to your nickname, as well as a watch page list access.
After you log in for the first time, an admin has to spot you and promote you to this status. To allow for different time zones and personal disponibility, please allow 48 hours for the process to take place. If not promoted after 72h, then write to an admin. By the way, being editor enables you to:
  • Edit existing pages
  • Create pages, which you do by editing a page that does not exist
  • Move a page to some other name. Please be specific on the reason of the move.
The privilege level required to maintain the wiki, which means helping users to perform some task, help them undo some mistake, weed out irrelevant material or fight vandals off.

The current admins are: