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Why and how to use the MediaWiki toolbox

The toolbox usually is located at the bottom of the sidebar. Other wikis may make other arrangements. The contents of the frame vary according to whether you view or edit a page, or in other circumstances.

The following material both aims at describing the tools and providing hints about situations where you'd like to use them.

What links here

This queries for pages in the same wiki which have a link to the page being viewed. The tool is also available when editing. Links between wikis or from external web sites are not monitoed nor reported there.

It is a good idea to check this when you consider moving a page, because all the links reported there are more likely to break - under usual circumstances, they won't. If you wish to split a page, then you know which pages will require some editing to acknowledge that the content of one page now spans two or more.

Related changes

Shows the most recent changes to pages that link to current page. This is not available while editing. Specially handy for categories, since you get all recent changes for all pages belonging to the category. If you manage a group of pages - for instance by defining a category that owns all the pages being managed -, this is simply a global changes overview facility.

Upload file

Only images are allowed on Sourceforge. The file will be displayed after download, so changing the extension of a file won't get it through. You have an option to describe your upload.

Printable version

Displays the page without the sidebar. Not available when editing.

Permanent linnk

This causes recent revision information to appear on the top of the page. Using this, you can navigate through revisions. Handier than the History feature in some cases. Not available when editing.

Special pages

This is a core tool for management. As soon as you start mnaging pages, you ill find out that you need it.

Why is it listed last? Because it lists 50+ special pages presented in the next sections. It remains available while editing. It is often a good idea to open it in a new browser or tab, depending on your browser.

Maintenance reports

Various statistics of varying utility, from anecdotic to fundamental.

Broken redirects

You can redirect a page to another. This is basically what takes place when moving a page. If a redirect goes to a page that does not exist, it is listed here. This page should show nothing under noral circumstances.

Dead-end pages

List of pages without links to other pages on the same wiki.

Double redirects

A redirect may well lead to another. Since this may break a few things, specially template evaluation, such chains are listed here. The long term presence of a double redirect should be somewhat exceptional.

Long pages
Oldest pages

Pages sorted by last revision time in ascending order. Useful for a quick overview of changes.

Orphaned pages

Pages no other page links to. While it is not mandatory tht every page is linnked from somewhere, it is a sin of good integration.

Pages with the fewest revisions

Pages sorted by number of revisions in ascending order. Top pages are either very stable in their contents or attract very litttle interest.

Pages without language links

So far, all of them. When translations for this wiki start being implemented (contact the admins), this will show pages that still have no translation.

Protected pages

Edition to some pages has been deemed sensitive enough as to be restricted to admins. If you wish to edit a protected page, please contact an admin who will carry on the task if appropriate. Or leave a request by clicking the "+" tab on the [[Ask An Admin] page.

Protected titles

The same protection as above can be extendd to page names. Again, changes to such pages have to go through an admin somehow.

Short pages

Pages on this wiki, sorted by size in ascending order. Top ranked pages are likelier candidates for a merge, even though this is not always desirable.

Uncategorized categories

List of categories that do not belong to another category. Allows to spot categories that should have been linked into another one.

Uncategorized files

Uloaded files can be linked to a categoy, which is always good policy. Allows to spot files where you forgot.

Uncategorized pages
Uncategorized templates

Same for templates. However, it is not unfrequent that templates don't have a category, unless there are many, many of them.

Unused categories

Categories that were defined, but no page links to. They tend to esult from typos or organisational changes. Deleting a category which is no longer expected to see any page is good policy.

Unused files

Files that are not used occupy valuable real estate; deleting them is good policy.

Unused templates

A template is unused because you made a typo while believing to use it, or because indeed you don't need, for insance after replacing with something with a different name, or because the page that used it has vanished.

Wanted categories

Categories linked to, bu which were not defined. They often result from typos. To define a category, follow the red link on a page that links to it, enter some text if appropriate and save. Categories are normal pages with special added properties.

Wanted files

Files which are referred to, but were not uploaded using Special:UploadFile. Entries there often result from typos or failure to upload a file one intended to include. Should be empty under normal circumstances.

Wanted pages

Pages that were linked to but do not exist. Entries there result most often from typos or page deletions without proper follow-up. It is expected to be empty under normal circumstances.

Wanted templates

Templates being linked to, but which do not exist. These entries most often result from typos, or failure to define a template the use of which was intended. Should be empty under ormal circumstances.

List of pages

You can list a particular namespace, or pages that start with some prefix.

All pages

All pages in any namespace of the wiki - you can view one naespace at a time. This will list articles, templates, pages used for internal management and the like. Perhaps not useful for the average editor, but nothin is secret here.

All pages with prefix

Nearly the same as All Pages, just presented a tad differently.


List of all categories. Keyword, usage classes, and various internal management tools, all lumped together.

Disambiguation pages

This is used to tell between pages with the same name on different wikis.

List redirects

The plain list. God to check when lots of pages have been moved around.

Users and rights


Guess what? Your preferred settings for editing, showing thumbnails, date format, well quite a few. Hardly a surprise there.

User contributions

List of all edits for a given user for a specified period of time.

User group rights

The default scheme. Sourceforge departs from this structure. Please real User Rights for an actual account.

User list

All users who ever logged into the wiki. Each link goes to a personal page. Red links mean the user didn't create his page yet.

Recent changes and logs

Gallery of new files

All recent image uploads.


List actions of a certain type performed by a certain user on a cerain page for some preiod of time. The perfect spy.

My watchlist

Kust of pages you watch, and of changes occurred to pages you watch.

New pages

Pages by order of creation, recents topmost.

Recent changes

Edits sorted by date in descending order.

Related changes

Changes to the pages which link to a given page, or are linked from it.

Valid tags

This lists tags used in validating changes. Not useful as of Jul 27, 2009.

Media reports and uploads

File list

A plain log of uploaded files.

File path

Returns a path to the uploaded file, so as to link to it from some other place, or upload it elsewhere.

MIME search

Search for uploaded files of a given MIME type.

Search for duplicate files

Just what it says.

Upload file

That's what the toolbox link links to.

Wiki data and tools

Popular pages

Pages sorted by number of views, in descending order.


There are 256 total pages in the database. This includes "talk" pages, pages about notepad-plus, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably do not qualify as content pages. Excluding those, there are 83 pages that are probably legitimate content pages.

35 files have been uploaded.

There have been a total of 12,130 page views, and 2,416 page edits since notepad-plus was setup. That comes to 9.44 average edits per page, and 5.02 views per edit.

The job queue length is 0.

User statistics There are 61 registered users, of which 3 (or 4.92%) have Sysops rights.

Most viewed pages (see Most popular pages)

Isn't that inspiring?


Current MediaWiki version.

Redirecting special pages

External lonks

Enables to look for occurences of a pattern in external links from pages in the selected namespace, or anywhere but there. Prefix the pattern with a * to search for it at any position. This is the only wildcard supported. A list of supported protocols (those that Mediawiki knows to be Internet protocols) is shown there.

Random page

Fo the statistics oriented.

Random redirect

For the statistics oriented. You'd have to wonder if there were that many redirects.


Like on the search sidebar frame.

High use pages

Comments might seem superfluous.

  • Most linked-to categories
  • Most linked-to files
  • Most linked-to pages
  • Most linked-to templates
  • Pages with the most categories
  • Pages with the most revisions

Page tools

Export pages

Get an XML file representing a page. This is useful to import the page to some other wiki you are an admin of.

What links here

Discussed on this page.

Other special pages

Book sources

An ISBN search engine.