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Rewriting good old TextFX

The TextFX plugin is one of the first plugins ever developed for Notepad++. It is still widely used, in spite of occasional annoyances witth missing companion dll (msvcrt80.dll) and a mounting, while still not too high pile of known bugs.

Chris Severance, the author of TextFX, has maintained it for a long time, but has not been around since the end of 2008. In the meantime, bugs have been reported but not fixed, and Notepad++ proper has changed significantly. As a consequence, there is talk about a rewrite, likely splitting the huge TextFX into a number of separate fragment plugins.

The npp-plugins project features the v0.25 sources and the v0.26 binaries. The version change was due to emergency fixes related to Notepad++ going Unicode in late 2008. These changes are not deemed to be publcly available as sources by their author. So, the v0.25 sources are the available starting point.

Currently, some plugins are taking over some areas where TextFX is being used:

  • Code alignment
  • NppConverter
  • XBrackets Lite
  • Tidy2

When the list grows long enough, it will become practical to bid farewell to an aging workhorse that has served the community well.