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Where are all the files?

There are two ways to install Notepad++:

  • using %APPDATA%\Notepad++\ . This option is preferrable if you intend to fully replace Notepad with Notepad++, because you need only one set of configuration files. However, recent Windows versions may restrict your rights to writing to this directory, and all writable configuration files land there.
  • Using the Notepad++.exe own directory, typically C:\Program Files\Notepad++\. This makes Notepad++ completely portable. Write permissions may be restricted under recent Windows versions. Having something like a hassle free D:\Program Files\ folder may prove to be a good idea, specially if you can set it up as default install folder.

When choosing he latter option, it is recommended to add in the same directory an empty doLocalConf.xml file if not present already, to avoid configuration foul-ups.

The NPP_DIRECTORY environment variable is set on startup to that directory. This will help External Programs launched from Notepad++ to find configuration and plugin files flawlessly.