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Notepad++ Articles - Indexed by Usage

This browser class uses five sub-classes to group articles by the type of use a user is making of Notepad++. They are:

  • Basic Editing
  • Advanced Editing
  • Programming
  • NP++ Project
  • Troubleshooting

Basic Editing

If you are using NP++ to make normal, everyday edits to text files, then you may find the articles in this sub-class useful. The articles include opening files, changing characters and lines, basic search and replace, etc.

Advanced Editing

When you start to do sophisticated editing of text files or handle unusual files, you may find the list of 'Advanced Editing' articles of interest. These articles include regular expressions, advanced search and replace, plugins for advanced editing, vertical selection, files in languages other than English, etc.


If you are writing code in a programming language, Notepad++ has many useful features to assist the writing process. First and foremost it has syntax highlighting. This highlights language keywords and operators to make it easier to check for correct syntax. Syntax highlighting can be applied to any file format, not just programming languages. For example, Windows INI files. There is a large number of predefined syntax highlighting formats available in the standard NP++ package. For file formats not covered, there is a mechanism for defining your own file format or programming language. The articles in this sub-class include the use of syntax highlighting, defining your own language (file format), editing inbuilt file formats, commenting, auto-completion, bookmarks and advanced search and replace (regular expressions and multi-files).

NP++ Project

The Notepad++ project is operated and supported by volunteers. The volunteers code the NP++ program, develop plugins for NP++, translate the program to languages other than English, and produce print-based and online documentation. This sub-class lists the articles that are relevant to the work of the Notepad++ project volunteers.


Only an naive fool would ever think their program is faultless under all circumstances. This sub-class lists the articles you should look at if the program happens to fail.