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Welcome to NpWiki++, the Notepad++ Wiki

NpWiki++ is the wiki for Notepad++, the open source source-code editor and Notepad replacement. This site forms part of a network of Notepad++ sites that support the whole project.

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NpWiki++ (pronounced n-p-wiki-plus-plus) is developed in MediaWiki, the wiki platform used by Wikipedia, and which is itself an open source project.


The most productive way to locate articles is through the np++ articles frame on the side bar, just to the left of this text. You can choose any of the four browse mechanisms: browse by NP++ Area, browse by NP++ Usage, browse by NP++ Topic, or list all articles by their short title. The side bar is available on every NpWiki++ page.

Search, on the side bar as well, can be used efficiently. It returns page (short) title matches if any, and only page text matches otherwise. However, at the time of writing, it does not provide the nice auto-completion list the MediaWiki site offers.

Other services on the side bar

In addition to the NP++ articles, the wiki site holds resource information for Plugins, Notepad++ and the Notepad++ project itself. However, the wiki site does not host software downloads. Downloads are still hosted from the same SourceForge repository. Access to user contributed files, like use defined language files, has been introduced in late 2009.

For the convenience of community members, the LHS menu also has a list of links to the other websites that comprise the NP++ support service.

The last navigation box on the LHS menu is the MediaWiki-supplied Toolbox. This area is dynamic and changes with the context of the page being displayed. The tools in Toolbox are mostly for administration but from time to time, they will be useful for other purposes - see the Toolbox article for more information.

IE 6

We've had reports that this site does not work well with IE6. SourceForge says it is no longer supporting IE6 and recommends switching to either a newer version of IE or Firefox. Firefox works perfectly, and costs roughly the same as Notepad++, even though that fox is more red than green.

Community Involvement

Wikis are community-built information sources meant for its own convenience and usage. What we have done here is gather together articles from many sources. We knew some were totally out of date and others needed updating. Update and rewrite we did. We now leave it to the community to maintain and extend the building with it's collective wisdom. The "Founding Admins" or whoever succeeds to them are around to help the community doing just that. Things creep outdated so fast.

You can browse the wiki without logging in. If you want to edit pages you will need to log in using your Source Forge identity (click on the 'Log in' link on the right of the SourceForge masthead). If it is the first time ever you log into the wiki, you won't have full rights immediately - please read User Rights for more details.

If you want to make a comment about NpWiki++, please use one of the NP++ forums: Help or Open Discussion. Or use discussion pages on appropriate pages. Or use IdeaTorrent if suggesting a technical enhancement. Some will be within our reach. Some are Sourceforge's responsibility, but we can ask.

How this Wiki fits into the NP++ Website Scheme

The following diagram shows how NpWiki++ relates to the other NP++ websites and support mechanisms.

Gw NP++ Website Concept.gif

Further Reading

There are a few pages you may wish to read. The titles should explain why:

Happy Wikiing !