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Notepad++ Articles - Listed by Area

This page lists a few large categories, each of which covers a broad range of tasks. The boundaries for such broad ranges are necessarily fuzzy, so some tasks might well be seen in two or more of these.

About Notepad++
Miscellaneous aspects of Notepad++ - everything not really in it, but about or around it
Advanced Editing
Regular expressions, advanced search and replace, plugins for advanced editing, vertical selection, files in languages other than English, etc.
Editing Tasks
Changing characters and lines, basic search and replace, etc.
NP++ Dev
NP++ development activities about Notepad++ and its plugins
Everything about this Wiki: what it is about, how to write pages, tools for authors, etc.
How to configure Notepad++. A definitely rich area.
What happens when something goes wrong, or you think it went wrong, or you are not sure how to change something...
User Community
A number of mutualisation services for which this wiki has seemed to be the best interface.
User Interface
All about elements of the visual interface between Notepad++ and you.