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Hi Cchris,

you are an active user! - and not a bot :-D -
how are you? --W-peuker 12:07, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Hi back to you

Hi! Indeed I'm the one who migrated the old wiki to this new framework less than a year ago and who has maintained it ever since.

For the last few months, changes in the wiki have stemmed either from correcting or enriching it, and from updates as newer versions of Notepad++ keep being released. In this setting, the sidebar looked pretty full already for a disputably useful Recent changes new item.

But things have been changing lately, with the emergence of the wiki as a repository for items the community can contribute. A Recent changes new sidebar link might thus become a bit moe relevant - though people can watch the pages so as to get real-time update notices. A ldirect link to the User Community category is contemplated too, it is already on the By Area listing. This also explains why some pages, like the IdeaTorrent summary, have an humongous edit history with me as sole author.

I'd be glad to get your opinions and feedback on this and any other aspect of NpWiki++.