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Ubuntu Howto (Feisty 7.04)

You need to have WINE installed first - if you don't, go to Applications - Add/Remove. Search for 'wine', select the checkbox beside it, click apply, and you're done.

  1. Download the Notepad++ installer .exe (clicky). The installer's file name is npp.x.x.x.Installer.exe, where the x's are the version number.
  2. Open up Nautilus (Places - Home Folder). Navigate to the folder you saved the .exe as.
    • If you've just installed WINE, .exe files aren't automatically associated by it - so let's make life easier, and have WINE open all .exe files for us. To do so,
      1. right click on the .exe file, select Properties, and then select the Open With tab.
      2. Click the 'Add' button, and then click on 'Use a custom command'. # In the line that appears, type in wine, then click Add, and Close.
    • Now all .exe files will be automatically opened by wine.
  3. Now simply double-click on the .exe file, and install Notepad++ as usual. After you install it, it'll appear in Applications - Wine - Programs - Notepad++.
  4. Enjoy! :)

A python script which installs Notepad++ on Debian/Ubuntu (or any other distro that uses apt-get.): http://code.google.com/p/npp-installer/