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Can I customise the toolbar?

Determining which buttons appear on the toolbar

The toolbar of any Windows application can be customised, as long as:

  • it handles the right Windows notifications;
  • you have access to all the available buttons, and provide some UI for an user to pick and choose buttons.

The latter is possible - the list of icons and buttons is in Notepad_plus.rc -. And the former is possible through subclassing.

A plugin might succeed in providing the customise functionality. It would be a nice piece of Windows programming. But it is not available yet.

Determining the icons on the buttons

What you can do is customising the icon set for the toolbar. You will find it in Settings -> Preferences -> General.

You can customize further by defining your own set of icons. They must all have the same size - 16x16 or 32x32 -, and must appear in the same folder.

To enable this custom set of icons:

  1. Create a folder containing the theme icons. The path to this folder will be needed later. If the icons are in some compressed file, you can simply extract the archive to a new folder.
  2. In Settings -> Preferences -> General, set the icon size to small or large, depending on the size of your icons. If there is a mismatch, Notepad++ will default to an internal set.
  3. Add the optional Configuration Files toolbarIcons.xml file to Notepad++ Install Folder.
  4. Edit that file so that it describes where your icons are and which one goes on which button. The following illustration should give an idea of what to do:

ToolbarIcons HOWTO.gif Step (1) requires the path to the folder you created.

  1. Notepad++ must be closed and opened again for it to read toolbarIcons.xml and display your icons.

Contributors of such sets are welcome to make themselves known to Don or on the discussion page for this article.