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Status Bar

The status bar is a window that lies at the bottom of a main window. It is generally used to display messages from the main window to the user, hence its name. Notepad++'s main window shows a status bar, unless it is hidden because of Edit -> Full Screen mode, View -> PostIt mode, or because Settings -> Preferences -> Global -> Show Status Bar was unchecked.


As shown above, the status bar has 6 panes which display, from logical left to right:

  1. Description of the language highlighter being used on the active, focused document. For user defined language, this displays "User Defne file".
  2. The size of that document, as well as the number of lines in it. Double clicking this pane shows the summary Statistics for the document
  3. The current line and column. When a single range of text is selected in stream mode, also shows the number of selected characters, followed by a vertical bar, followed by the number of selected lines. N/A is shown for other kinds of selection. Double clicking this pane opens the Search -> Go to line dialog.
  4. The current newline format of the file
  5. The current character encoding of the file
  6. An indicator of current typing mode (Insert/Overwrite). Clicking this pane toggles the mode.

Pane sizes are fixed except for the first one, so they may appear to be flush right at high screen resolution, while the lexer name may be truncated at low resolutions.