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Managing two views in a single Notepad++ instance

Overview of Multi-View

As well as having a tabbed display, Notepad++ can display two files side by side or one above the other, or even show two parts of the same file.

Two independent views in the same editor
Side by side
One above the other

If you have two files open, you can right-click on one of the tabs and select "Go to another view" (or select View -> Go to another view. Now both files will be shown at once, one above the other. What you have now is like two instances of Notepad++ running in one window. Each "view" has its own set of tabs - if you have a tab in the bottom window selected and open another file, its tab will go to the bottom view; if you have a top tab selected, newly opened files will get a tab in the top view. You can change the focus to the other view with either a mouse click, or with View -> Focus on other view, or its keyboard shortcut (default is F8).

You can arrange them side by side by right-clicking on the separator bar and selecting one of the rotate options

Scrsh rotate.gif

and you can adjust the position of the separator bar by dragging it. There is also a tiny arrow at each end of the view separator.

  • Left-clicking on either moves the separator to the very edge, making one view fill the window. When this has been done, you can still drag the separator back to the middle.
  • Right-clicking on either will present a small menu as shown on the pictures above, allowing you to rotate the bar from vertical to horizontal or back. You have the further option to choose whether the move is clockwise or counterclockwise, so there is no "Swap views" command - just rotate twice.

How to turn Multi-View on & off

You can move tabs between views by right clicking on their tab and selecting "Go to another view". The first time you use it, it creates a Multi-View. When you move the last tab in a view over to the other view, that view disappears, and you are back to single view.

Alternately, you can drag tabs from one view into the other, until the last one closes the Multi-View. The state of the Multi-View will be restored the next time you run Notepad++, if you have checked Settings -> Preferences -> Remember the current session for next launch -> {{{2}}} checkbox.

You can also View -> Clone to other view a tab, if it is not on the other view already. The second view will be "created" if there is none. The same command is available on the tab right click menu. When a file is being edited in each view, changes in one view are reflected in the other:

Scrsh multiViewCloneMode.gif

making this a handy feature if you need to refer to two parts of the same file at once.

You can also select View -> Synchronise Vertical/Horizontal Scrolling to keep them aligned that way if you wish. This is useful if you need to keep some column headings visible while editing fixed width columns of data further down the file, or keep row headings visible while editing the end of a data file too wide for your screen. Note that each view can have its own font size, so you may wish to make them the same, particularly with cloned views.