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Lists of default mouse and keyboard shortcuts for Notepad++ and some plugins

Default shortcuts

The following is a list of the predefined keyboard shortcuts Notepad++ recognizes. They (as well as many other commands that are not bound to any key by default) can be remapped at will using the Settings -> Shortcut Mapper... dialog. This list does not include standard plugin key bindings.

Default keyboard bindings


File menu
Shortcut Action
Ctrl-O Open File
Ctrl-N New File
Ctrl-S Save File
Ctrl-Alt-S Save As
Ctrl-Shift-S Save All
Ctrl-P Print
Alt-F4 Exit
Ctrl-Tab Next Document (also shows list of open files). Can be disabled - see Settings/Preferences/Global.
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Previous Document (also shows list of open files). Can be disabled - see above.
Ctrl-Numpadn Go to the n-th document on tab bar, n between 1 and 9.
Ctrl-PgUp Next document
Ctrl-PgDn Previous document
Ctrl-W Close Current Document


Edit menu
Shortcut Action
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-Insert Copy
Ctrl-Shift-T Copy current line to clipboard
Ctrl-X Cut
Shift-Delete Cut
Ctrl-V Paste
Shift-Insert Paste
Ctrl-Z Undo
Alt-Backspace Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-A Select All
Alt-Shift-Arrow keys, or Alt + Left mouse click Column Mode Select
Ctrl + Left mouse click Start new selected area. Only multiple stream areas ca be selected this way.
ALT-C Column Editor
Ctrl-D Duplicate Current Line
Ctrl-T Switch the current line position with the previous line position
Ctrl-Shift-Up Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Up
Ctrl-Shift-Down Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Down
Ctrl-L Delete Current Line
Ctrl-I Split Lines
Ctrl-J Join Lines
Ctrl-G Launch GoToLine Dialog
Ctrl-Q Single line comment
Ctrl-Shift-Q Single line uncomment
Ctrl-K Toggle single line comment
Ctrl-Shift-K Block comment
Tab (selection of one or more full lines) Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)
Shift-Tab (selection of one or more full lines) Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)
Ctrl-BackSpace Delete to start of word
Ctrl-Delete Delete to end of word
Ctrl-Shift-BackSpace Delete to start of line
Ctrl-Shift-Delete Delete to end of line
Ctrl-U Convert to lower case
Ctrl-Shift-U Convert to UPPER CASE
Ctrl-B Go to matching brace
Ctrl-Space Launch CallTip ListBox
Ctrl-Shift-Space Launch Function Completion ListBox
Ctrl-Alt-Space Launch Path Completion ListBox
Ctrl-Enter Launch Word Completion ListBox
Ctrl-Alt-R Text Direction RTL
Ctrl-Alt-L Text Direction LTR
Enter Split line downwards, or create new line
Shift-Enter Split line downwards, or create new line
Ctrl-Alt-Enter SInsert new unindented line above current
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Enter SInsert new unindented line below current


Search menu
Shortcut Action
Ctrl-F Launch Find Dialog
Ctrl-H Launch Find / Replace Dialog
F3 Find Next
Shift-F3 Find Previous
Ctrl-Shift-F Find in Files
F7 Switch to Search results window (was Activate sub view before v5.2)
Ctrl-Alt-F3 Find (volatile) Next
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F3 Find (volatile) Previous
Ctrl-F3 Select and Find Next (was Find (Volatile) Next prior to v5.6.5)
Ctrl-Shift-F3 Select and Find Previous (was Find (Volatile) Previous prior to v5.6.5)
F4 Go to next found
Shift-F4 Go to previous found
Ctrl-Shift-I Incremental Search
Ctrl-n Jump Down (to next text marked using n-th stye. n is 1 to 5, or 0 for default Found style.
Ctrl-Shift-n Jump Up (to next text marked using n-th stye. n is 1 to 5, or 0 for default Found style.
Ctrl-F2 Toggle Bookmark
F2 Go To Next Bookmark
Shift-F2 Go To Previous Bookmark
Ctrl-B Go to Matching Brace (caret must be on a brace)
Ctrl-Alt-B Select All between Matching Braces (caret must be on a brace)


View menu
Shortcut Action
Ctrl-(Keypad-/Keypad+) or Ctrl + mouse wheel button (if any) Zoom in (+ or up) and Zoom out (- or down)
Ctrl-Keypad/ Restore the original size from zoom
F11 Toggle Full Screen Mode
F12 Toggle Post-It Mode
Ctrl-Alt-F Collapse the Current Level
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F Uncollapse the Current Level
Alt-0 Fold All
Alt-(1~8) Collapse the Level (1~8)
Alt-Shift-0 Unfold All
Alt-Shift-(1~8) Uncollapse the Level (1~8)


Macro menu
Shortcut Action
Ctrl-Shift-R Start to record /Stop recording the macro
Ctrl-Shift-P Play recorded macro
Alt-Shift-S Trim Trailing and Save


Run menu
Shortcut Action
F5 Launch Run Dialog
Alt-F1 Get PHP help
Alt-F2 Google search
Alt-F3 Wikipedia search
Alt-F5 Open file (name at cursor)
Alt-F6 Open file in another instance (name at cursor)
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R Open in Chrome
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X Open in Firefox
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I Open in IE
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F Open in Safari
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O Send via Outlook


? menu
Shortcut Action
F1 About
Shift+F1 Help Contents


Incremental search widget
Shortcut Action
Enter Next match (same as > button)
Shift+Enter Previous match (same as < button)


Mouse gestures
Shortcut Action
Single left click Set current line
Single left click on rightmost status bar pane Toggle typing mode between Insert and Overtype
Single left click on bookmark margin Toggle bookmark
Shift+left click on fold point Uncollapse this fold and all those below
Ctrl+left click on fold point Toggle collapsed state of this fold, and propagate below
Right click Pop up context menu
Double left click Select word
Double left click on location pane (status bar) Go to line
Triple left click Select line

Available keyboard shortcuts:

The following list contains all actions available for shortcut mapping, ordered by shortcut name. This includes all the shortcuts defined by TextFX and a number of common plugins.

Available shortcuts prior to any remapping - sorted by action name
Name Plugin or Menu Shortcut
n 0-8) (collapse) Notepad++ → View Alt+n
n (0-8) (uncollapse) Notepad++ → View Alt+Shift+n
nth style (0-5) (Jump Down) Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+n
nth style (0-5) (Jump Up) Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Shift+n
'<' (go to previous match) Notepad++ / Incremental search Shift+Enter
=+Symbols: eng/user_1 ConvertExt F9
'>' (go to next match) Notepad++ / Incremental search Enter
=+Symbols: eng/user_2 ConvertExt Alt+F9
About <multiple> <None>
About NppFTP NppFTP <None>
About XML Tools XML Tools <None>
About Notepad++ Notepad++ → ? F1
Advanced Options... NppExec <None>
Align Matches Compare <None>
Always on top Notepad++ → View <None>
Autocomplete brackets XBrackets Lite <None>
Automatically regenerate tags on file save (projects)? CCompletion <None>
Automatically regenerate tags on file save (non-projects)? CCompletion <None>
Automatically delete temporary ctags.tmp files (projects)? CCompletion <None>
Automatically delete temporary ctags.tmp files (non-projects)? CCompletion <None>
Base64 Decode MIME Tools <None>
Base64 Encode MIME Tools <None>
Base64 Encode with Unix EOL MIME Tools <None>
Big5 (Traditional) Notepad++ &rarr Encoding → Character sets <None>
Block comment Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+K
Block uncomment Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+K
C:Convert ASCII to EBCDIC TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Binary Number to Decimal TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert CP1251 to KOI8_R TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert C-style Number to Decimal TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Decimal Number to Binary TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Decimal Number to Hex TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Decimal Number to Octal TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert EBCDIC to ASCII TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert hex byte runs into LE-DWORDS TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert hex byte runs into LE-WORDS TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Hex Number to Decimal TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Hex to text TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert KOI8_R to CP1251 TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert LE-words to hex byte runs TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert Octal Number to Decimal TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert text to code command("text=\"value\""); TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert text to Hex-128 TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert text to Hex-16 TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert text to Hex-32 TextFX Convert <None>
C:Convert text to Hex-64 TextFX Convert <None>
C:Encode HTML (&<>") TextFX Convert <None>
C:Encode URI Component TextFX Convert <None>
C:ROT13 Text TextFX Convert <None>
C:Strip HTML tags table nontabs TextFX Convert <None>
C:Strip HTML tags table tabs TextFX Convert <None>
C:Submit to W3C CSS Validator TextFX Convert <None>
C:Submit to W3C HTML Validator TextFX Convert <None>
CCompletion CCompletion Ctrl+Spacebar
Change Console Font... NppExec <None>
Check XML sybtax now XML Tools <None>
Clear all Bookmarks Notepad++ → Search <None>
Clear Filter Explorer <None>
Clear Read Only Flag Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Clear Compare Result HEX Editor <None>
Clear Results Compare Ctrl+Alt+D
Clone to other view Notepad++ → View <None>
Close Notepad++ → File Ctrl+W
Close All Notepad++ → File <None>
Close All but Active Document Notepad++ → File <None>
Collapse the current level Notepad++ → View Ctrl+Alt+F
Color Picker... Color Picker Ctrl+Alt+C
Column Editor... Notepad++ → Edit Alt+C
Comment Selection XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Commit All Files Subversion Ctrl+Alt+Z
Commit File Subversion Ctrl+Alt+A
Compare Compare Alt+D
Compare against SVN base Compare Alt+S
Compare HEX HEX Editor <None>
Compare to last save Compare Alt+B
Console Commands History NppExec <None>
Console Output... NppExec Shift+F6
Console Output Filters... NppExec Shift+F6
Convert quotes to ' TextFX Characters <None>
Convert quotes to " TextFX Characters <None>
Convert to ANSI Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Convert to cp1251 ConvertExt <None>
Convert to cp866 ConvertExt <None>
Convert to DOS (OEM) ConvertExt <None>
Convert to iso8859-5 ConvertExt <None>
Convert to koi8-r ConvertExt <None>
Convert to mac ConvertExt <None>
Convert to Mac Format Notepad++ → Edit → EOL Conversions <None>
Convert to UCS-2 Big Endian Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Convert to UCS-2 Little Endian Notepad++ → Edit → EOL Conversions <None>
Convert to UNIX Format Notepad++ → Edit → EOL Conversions <None>
Convert to UTF-8 Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Convert to UTF-8 without BOM Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Convert to WIN ConvertExt <None>
Convert to Windows Format Notepad++ → Edit → EOL Conversions <None>
Copy all formats to clipboard NppExport <None>
Copy bookmarked lines Notepad++ → Search <None> -
Copy Current dir path to Clipboard Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Copy Current file name to Clipboard Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Copy Current full file path to Clipboard Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Copy HTML to clipboard NppExport <None>
Copy RTF to clipboard NppExport <None>
Convert selection text to XML (&<&> => <>) XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Convert selection XML to text (<> => &<&>) XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Current XML Path XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Cut bookmarked lines Notepad++ → Search <None>
Cyrillic... ConvertExt <None>
D:About Tidy TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Refresh Menu from TidyCFG.INI TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Sample from Web Page TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Tidy (most recent HTMLTIDY.CFG) TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy clean Document - wrap TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy clean Document - nowrap TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy clean Document - nowrap, no indent TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy clean Microsoft Word 2000 document TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy clean Document - quote TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy upgrade to CSS TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:TiDy convert to XML TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Tidy convert to XHTML TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Tidy: Reindent XML TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
D:Visit HTML Tidy SourceForge website TextFX HTML Tidy <None>
Delete bookmarked lines Notepad++ → Search <None>
Delete from Disk Notepad++ → File <None>
Detect Moves Compare <None>
Direct Execute Previous NppExec Ctrl+F6
Delete known ctags.tmp files CCompletion <None>
Disable Plugin Change Markers <None>
Disable Tracking for this Document Change Markers <None>
Display: As Line Highlight Change Markers <None>
Display: Change Mark Margin Change Markers <None>
Display: Line Marker Margin Change Markers <None>
Drop quotes " & ' TextFX Characters <None>
Duplicate current line Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+D
E:Delete Blank Lines TextFX Edit <None>
E:Delete Surplus Blank Lines TextFX Edit <None>
E:Fill Down Insert TextFX Edit <None>
E:Fill Down Overwrite TextFX Edit <None>
E:Indent & surround { text lines } TextFX Edit <None>
E:Indent text sticky left margin TextFX Edit Tab
E:Insert (Clipboard) through lines TextFX Edit <None>
E:Kill unquoted (C) whitespace TextFX Edit <None>
E:Kill unquoted (VB) whitespace TextFX Edit <None>
E:Leading space to tabs or tabs to spaces TextFX Edit <None>
E:Leading space to tabs or tabs to spaces width=8 TextFX Edit <None>
E:Line up multiple lines by (,) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Line up multiple lines by (=) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Line up multiple lines by (Clipboard Character) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Pad rectangular selection with spaces TextFX Edit <None>
E:Reindent C++ code TextFX Edit <None>
E:ReWrap Text to (Clipboard or 72) width TextFX Edit <None>
E:Split lines at (clipboard character) or , (C) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Split lines at (clipboard character) or , (VB) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Strip unquoted text (C) separate by (Clipboard<=20) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Strip unquoted text (VB) separate by (Clipboard<=20) TextFX Edit <None>
E:Trim Trailing Spaces TextFX Edit <None>
E:Unwrap Text TextFX Edit <None>
Edit NppCCompletionPlugin.ini CCompletion <None>
Edit Popup Contextmenu Notepad++ → Settings <None>
Enable XML syntax auto-check XML Tools <None>
Enable auto-validation XML Tools <None>
Encode in ANSI Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Encode in UCS-2 Big Endian Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Encode in UCS-2 Little Endian Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Encode in UTF-8 Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Encode in UTF-8 without BOM Notepad++ → Encoding <None>
Escape ' to "" TextFX Characters <None>
Escape ' to \' TextFX Characters <None>
Escape ' to \" TextFX Characters <None>
Escape " to "" TextFX Characters <None>
Escape " to \" TextFX Characters <None>
Escape both "&' to \"&\' TextFX Characters <None>
EUC-KR Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
Evaluate XPatch expression XML Tools <None>
Execute... NppExec F6
Exit Notepad++ → File Alt+F4
Explore File Location RunMe Ctrl+Shift+F5
Explorer... Explorer Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
Explorer Options Explorer <None>
Export to HTML NppExport <None>
Export to RTF NppExport <None>
External... ConvertExt <None>
Favorites... Explorer Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Find ... Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+F
Find (volatile) Next Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Alt+F3
Find (volatile) Previous Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3
Find in files... Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Shift+F
Find Next Notepad++ → Search F3
Find Previous Notepad++ → Search Shift+F3
Focus NppFTP Window NppFTP <None>
Focus on other view Notepad++ → View F8
Fold all Notepad++ → View Alt+0
Follow $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) NppExec <None>
Forum Notepad++ → ? <None>
Function completion Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Spacebar
Function parameters hint Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar
GB2312 (Simplified) Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
Generic... ConvertExt <None>
Get more plugins Notepad++ → ? <None>
Get php help Notepad++ → Run Alt+F1
Go to definition Source Cookifier Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Go to identifier under caret (open in first view) CCompletion F11
Go to identifier under caret (open in second view) CCompletion F12
Go to line Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+G or double click on status bar location pane
Go to matching brace Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+B
Go to next found Notepad++ →Search F4
Go to Path... Explorer <None>
Go to previous found Notepad++ →Search Shift+F4
Google Search Notepad++ → Run Alt+F2
Goto Last Function FunctionList Ctrl+Alt+Z
Goto Next Function FunctionList Ctrl+Alt+Y
Group identifiers? CCompletion <None>
Help LanguageHelp Ctrl+F1
Help ... <multiple> <None>
Help content Notepad++ → ? Shift+F1
Help/About... NppExec <None>
Hide lines Notepad++ → View Alt+H
Hide Tabbar Window Manager <None>
History backward on first view CCompletion F5
History forward on first view CCompletion F6
History insert on first view CCompletion Ctrl+F5
History delete on first view CCompletion Ctrl+F6
History backward on second view CCompletion F7
History forward on second view CCompletion F8
History insert on second view CCompletion Ctrl+F7
History delete on second view CCompletion Ctrl+F8
How to use... SpellChecker Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
I:Current Directory TextFX Insert <None>
I:Current File Name TextFX Insert <None>
I:Current Full Path TextFX Insert <None>
I:Date & Time - long format TextFX Insert <None>
I:Date & Time - short format TextFX Insert Ctrl+F5
Ignore Spacing Compare <None>
Ignore invalid tags and continue parsing? CCompletion <None>
Ignore typedef when same named struct / enum exists? CCompletion <None>
Incremental Search... Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Alt+I
Insert Columns... HEX Editor <NOne>
Insert snippet CCompletion INS
iNVERT cASE TextFX Characters <None>
ISO 8859-n (1-16**) Notepad++ → Encoding &rarr Character sets <None>
JavaScript Console -- JavaScript Macro NppJavaScript <None>
Join lines Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+J
Jump: Changed Line Down Change Markers <None>
Jump: Changed Line Up Change Markers <None>
Jump: Next Change Change Markers <None>
Jump: Prev Change Change Markers <None>
KOI8-R Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
KOI8-U Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
Language Settings Source Cookifier <None>
Larger GUI (for high DPI settings)? CCompletion <None>
Light Explorer Light Explorer Alt+A
Linearize XML XML Tools <None>
List... FunctionList Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
Load Session... Notepad++ → File <None>
lower case TextFX Characters <None>
Macintosh Notepad → Encoding → Character sets <None>
Main View: Show Margin Plugin Marker Margin <None>
Manager... Window Manager Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W
Move Down current line Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move to another instance Notepad++ → View <None>
Move to other view Notepad++ → View <None>
Move Up current line Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+Up
MultiClip Viewer MultiClipboard Ctrl+Alt+V
MultiClipnoard Paste MultiClipboard Ctrl+Shift+V
Navigate Backward Source Cookifier Alt+Left Arrow
Navigate Forward Source Cookifier Alt+Right Arrow
New Notepad++ → File Ctrl+N
Next Bookmark Notepad++ → Search F2
No internal messages NppExec <None>
Notepad++ Home Notepad++ → ? <None>
Notepad++ Project Page Notepad++ → ? <None>
NpWiki++ (Online help) Notepad++ → ? <None>
OEM n (*) Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
OEM Console Output NppExec <None>
Online help Notepad++ → ? <None>
Open a shell at file location RunMe Ctrl+Alt+F5
open file Notepad++ → Run Alt+F5
open containing folder Notepad++ → Run <None>
open current dir cmd Notepad++ → Run <None>
Open in another instance Notepad++ → View <None>
Open in Chrome Notepad++ → Run Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
Open in Firefox Notepad++ → Run Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
Open in IE Notepad++ → Run Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
Open in Safari Notepad++ → Run Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F
open in new instance Notepad++ → Run Alt+F6
Open... Notepad++ → File Ctrl+O
Open NppFTP Window NppFTP <None>
Options... <multiple> <None>
Paste to (Replace) bookmarked lines Notepad++ → Search <None>
Pattern Replace... HEX Editor <None>
Playback Notepad++ → Macro Ctrl+Shift+P
Post-It Notepad++ → View F12
Preferences... Notepad++ → Settings <None>
Pretty print (Text indent) XML Tools <None>
Pretty print (XML only) XML Tools <None>
Pretty print (XML only - with line breaks) XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B
Previous Bookmark Notepad++ → Search Shift+F2
Print Now! Notepad++ → File <None>
Print... Notepad++ → File Ctrl+P
Proper Case TextFX Characters <None>
Q:+Mark Word or Find Case Sensitive TextFX Quick <None>
Q:+Mark Word or Find Whole Words TextFX Quick <None>
Q:Delete Marked {([<Brace>])} Pair TextFX Quick Ctrl+Alt+B
Q:Duplicate Line or Block TextFX Quick <None>
Q:Find matching {([<Brace>])} TextFX Quick Ctrl+B
Q:Find/Replace TextFX Quick Ctrl+R
Q:Mark lines to matching {([<Brace>])} TextFX Quick <None>
Q:Mark to matching {([<Brace>])} TextFX Quick Ctrl+Shift+B
Q:Mark Word or Find Forward TextFX Quick Ctrl+Alt+Right
Q:Mark Word or Find Reverse TextFX Quick Ctrl+Alt+Left
Quoted-printable Decode MIME Tools <None>
Quoted-printable Encode MIME Tools <None>
Regenerate tags (current file or project) CCompletion Ctrl+F12
Regenerate tags (current file or project plus its libraries) CCompletion Ctrl+Shift+F12
Reload from Disk Notepad++ → File <None>
Reload NppCCompletionPlugin.ini (and reset identifier cache) CCompletion <None>
Rename... Notepad++ → File <None>
Replace... Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+H
Replace Tag QuickText Ctrl-Enter
Restore default zoom setting Notepad++ → View <None>
Run a macro multiple times... Notepad++ → Macro <None>
Run JavaScript... JavaScript Macro Alt+M
Run... Notepad++ → Run F5
S:+Autoclose {([Brace TextFX Settings <None>
S:+Autoclose XHTML/XML <Tag> TextFX Settings <None>
S:+Autoconvert typed HTML/XML to &entities; TextFX Settings <None>
S:+Autoconvert typed leading spaces to tabs TextFX Settings <None>
S:+Cancel Overwrite Mode moving from current line TextFX Settings <None>
S:+ TextFX Settings Ctrl+D also dups marked text
S:+Disable Subclassing & advanced features TextFX Settings <None>
S:+Move quick menus out of 'Plugins' menu TextFX Settings <None>
S:About TextFX TextFX Settings <None>
S:Help TextFX Settings <None>
S:Visit Notepad++ & TextFX website TextFX Settings <None>
Save Notepad++ → File Ctrl+S
Save a Copy As... Notepad++ → File <None>
Save All Notepad++ → File Ctrl+Shift+S
Save all files on execute NppExec <None>
Save As... Notepad++ → File Ctrl+Alt+S
Save current recorded macro Notepad++ → Macro <None>
Save Session... Notepad++ → File <None>
SCI_BACKTAB Scintilla commands (Window) Shift+Tab
SCI_CANCEL Scintilla commands Esc
SCI_CHARLEFT Scintilla commands (Edit) Left
SCI_CHARLEFTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Left
SCI_CHARLEFTRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Left
SCI_CHARRIGHT Scintilla commands (Edit) Right
SCI_CHARRIGHTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Right
SCI_CHARRIGHTRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Right
SCI_CLEAR Scintilla commands (Edit) DEL
SCI_CLEARALL Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_COPY Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+C, Ctrl-Insert
SCI_CUT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+X, Shift-Delete
SCI_DELETEBACK Scintilla commands (Edit) Backspace
SCI_DELETEBACKNOTLINE Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_DELLINELEFT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
SCI_DELLINERIGHT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+DEL
SCI_DELWORDLEFT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Backspace
SCI_DELWORDRIGHT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+DEL
SCI_DOCUMENTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+End
SCI_DOCUMENTENDEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+End
SCI_DOCUMENTSTART Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Home
SCI_DOCUMENTSTARTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+Home
SCI_EDITTOGGLEOVERTYPE Scintilla commands INS or left click on rightmost status bar pane
SCI_FORMFEED Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_HOME Scintilla commands (Edit) <None>
SCI_HOMEDISPLAY Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Home
SCI_HOMEDISPLAYEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_HOMEEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_HOMERECTEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_HOMEWRAP Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_HOMEWRAPEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINECOPY Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+T
SCI_LINECUT Scintilla commands Ctrl+L
SCI_LINEDELETE Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+L
SCI_LINEDOWN Scintilla commands (Edit) Down
SCI_LINEDOWNEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Down
SCI_LINEDOWNRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Down
SCI_LINEDUPLICATE Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINEEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINEENDDISPLAY Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+End
SCI_LINEENDDISPLAYEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINEENDEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+End
SCI_LINEENDRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+End
SCI_LINEENDWRAP Scintilla commands (Edit) End
SCI_LINEENDWRAPEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINESCROLLDOWN Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+Down
SCI_LINESCROLLUP Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+Up
SCI_LINESJOIN Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_LINETRANSPOSE Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+T
SCI_LINEUP Scintilla commands (Edit) Up
SCI_LINEUPEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Up
SCI_LINEUPRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Up
SCI_MOVECARETINSIDEVIEW Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_NEWLINE Scintilla commands (Edit) Enter, Shift-Ebter
SCI_PAGEDOWN Scintilla commands (Edit) Page down
SCI_PAGEDOWNEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Page down
SCI_PAGEDOWNRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Page down
SCI_PAGEUP Scintilla commands (Edit) Page up
SCI_PAGEUPEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Shift+Page up
SCI_PAGEUPRECTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Alt+Shift+Page up
SCI_PARADOWN Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+]
SCI_PARADOWNEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+]
SCI_PARAUP Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+[
SCI_PARAUPEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+[
SCI_PASTE Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+V, Shift-Insert
SCI_REDO Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Y
SCI_ROTATESELECTION Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_SCROLLCARET Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_SELECTALL Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+A
SCI_SELECTIONDUPLICATE Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+D
SCI_SETZOOM Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+Num /
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWN Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_SWAPMAINANCHORCARET Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_TAB Scintilla commands (Edit) Tab
SCI_UNDO Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Z, AltBackspace
SCI_VCHOME Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_VCHOMEEXTEND Scintilla commands Shift+Home
SCI_VCHOMERECTEXTEND Scintilla commands Alt+Shift+Home
SCI_VCHOMEWRAP Scintilla commands Home
SCI_VCHOMEWRAPEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_WORDLEFT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Left
SCI_WORDLEFTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_WORDLEFTENDEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_WORDLEFTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+Left
SCI_WORDPARTLEFT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+/
SCI_WORDPARTLEFTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+/
SCI_WORDPARTRIGHT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+\
SCI_WORDPARTRIGHTEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+\
SCI_WORDRIGHT Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Right
SCI_WORDRIGHTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_WORDRIGHTENDEXTEND Scintilla commands (Edit) Ctrl+Shift+Right
SCI_WORDRIGHTEXTEND Scintilla commands <None>
SCI_ZOOMIN Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+Num +
SCI_ZOOMOUT Scintilla commands (View) Ctrl+Num -
Second View: Show Margin Plugin Marker Margin <None>
Select and Find Next Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+F3
Select and Find Previous Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+Shift+F3
Select line (Scintilla commands) Triple left click
Select word (Scintilla commands) Double left click
Send via Outlook Notepad++ → Run Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O
Sentence case. TextFX Characters <None>
Set current line &(Scintilla commands) Left click
Set Read Only Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Settings... XBrackets Lite <NOne>
Set XML type automatically XML Tools <None>
Shell execure current file RunMe Shift+F5
Shift-JIS Notepad++ &rarrr; Encoding → Character sets <None>
Shortcut Mapper... Notepad++ → Settings <None>
Show all characters Notepad++ → View <None>
Show All Functions FunctionList <None>
Show Console Dialog NppExec <None>
Show Dialog NppNetNote <None>
Show End Of Line Notepad++ → View <None>
Show FTP Folders FTP_Synchronize <None>
Show Indent guide Notepad++ → View <None>
Show White Space and TAB Notepad++ → View <None>
Show wrap symbol Notepad++ → View <None>
Sort Alphabetically FunctionList <None>
Split lines Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+I
Start/Stop monitor DocumentMonitor <None>
Start/Stop update FTP_synchronize <None>
Stream comment Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+Q
Styler Configurator... Notepad++ → Settings <None>
Swap quotes (" <-> ') TextFX Characters <None>
Switch to found results window Notepad++ → Search F7
Switch to next document Notepad++ → Window Ctrl+Tab
Switch to previous document Notepad++ → Window Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Synchronize Horizontal Scrolling Notepad++ → View <None>
Synchronize Vertical Scrolling Notepad++ → View <None>
T:+Sort ascending TextFX Tools <None>
T:+Sort outputs only UNIQUE (at column) lines TextFX Tools <None>
T:Add up numbers TextFX Tools <None>
T:Base64 Decode TextFX Tools <None>
T:Clean eMail >Quoting TextFX Tools <None>
T:Delete Line Numbers or First Word TextFX Tools <None>
T:Empty Undo Buffer (be sure to save) TextFX Tools <None>
T:Insert Ascii Chart or Character TextFX Tools <None>
T:Insert Line Numbers TextFX Tools <None>
T:Insert Ruler TextFX Tools <None>
T:Sort lines case insensitive (at column) TextFX Tools <None>
T:Sort lines case sensitive (at column) TextFX Tools <None>
T:UUdecode TextFX Tools <None>
T:Word Count TextFX Tools <None>
Tag auto-close XML Tools <None>
Text Direction LTR Notepad++ → View Ctrl+Alt+L
Text Direction RTL Notepad++ → View Ctrl+Alt+R
TIS-620 Notepad++ → Encoding → Chatacter sets <None>
to Lower case Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+U
to Upper case Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Shift+U
Toggle block comment Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Q
Toggle Bookmark Notepad++ → Search Ctrl+F2
Toggle Console Dialog NppExec Ctrl+~
Toggle Source Cookifier Source Cookifier Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
Toggle this fold and propagate below Notepad++ → View Ctrl+Left Click on fold point
Toggle Full Screen Mode Notepad++ → View F11
Toggle macro record Notepad++ → Macro Ctrl+Shift+R
Trim Trailing Space Notepad++ → Edit <None>
Uncollapse the current level Notepad++ → View Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F
Uncollapse current level and below Notepad++ → View Shift+Left Click on fold point
Uncomment Selection XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
unEscape "" to ' TextFX Characters <None>
unEscape "" to " TextFX Characters <None>
unEscape \' to ' TextFX Characters <None>
unEscape \" to ' TextFX Characters <None>
unEscape \" to " TextFX Characters <None>
unEscape both \"&\' to "&' TextFX Characters <None>
Unfold all Notepad++ → View Alt+Shift+0
Update All Files Subversion Ctrl+Alt+C
Update File Subversion Ctrl+Alt+D
Update Notepad++ Notepad++ → ? <None>
UPPER CASE TextFX Characters <None>
User Define Dialog... Notepad++ → View <None>
User Rules... FunctionList <None>
View in HEX HEX Editor Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
V:Copy & Append Entire Selection TextFX Viz Ctrl+Shift+C
V:Copy Entire Selection (no append) TextFX Viz <None>
V:Copy Invisible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Copy Visible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Cut & Append Entire Selection TextFX Viz Ctrl+Shift+X
V:Cut Entire Selection (no append) TextFX Viz <None>
V:Cut Invisible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Cut Visible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Delete Invisible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Delete Visible Selection TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide Between-Selected or All-Reset Lines TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide Lines with (Clipboard) text TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide Lines without (Clipboard) text TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide/Show sequence all steps TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep next TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep rest TextFX Viz <None>
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep start TextFX Viz <None>
V:Insert Show/Hide Sequence TextFX Viz <None>
V:Invert Visibility Between-Selected or All Lines TextFX Viz <None>
V:Paste TextFX Viz <None>
V:Paste as UTF-8/ANSI TextFX Viz <None>
V:Select as Hide/Show sequence TextFX Viz <None>
V:Show Between-Selected or All-Reset Lines TextFX Viz <None>
V:Show Lines with (Clipboard) text TextFX Viz <None>
V:Show Lines without (Clipboard) text TextFX Viz <None>
V:Show More Lines around my position... TextFX Viz <None>
Validate now XML Tools Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M
View as cp1251 ConvertExt <None>
View as cp866 ConvertExt <None>
View as DOS (OEM) ConvertExt Ctrl+Alt+D
View as iso8859-5 ConvertExt <None>
View as koi8-r ConvertExt <None>
View as mac ConvertExt <None>
View as WIN ConvertExt Ctrl+Alt+W
View List as Tree FunctionList <None>
W:+Viz Capture Keyboard Ctrl+C,X,V TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Copy-Cut also in UTF-8 TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Copy-Cut always converts to CRLF TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Copy-Cut Appends to clipboard TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Copy-Cut not in UNICODE TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Copy-Cut replace [NUL] with space TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Paste converts EOL to editor TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Paste retains position TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Paste/Append binary TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Text Search Case Sensitive TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Text Search Regex TextFX Viz Settings <None>
W:+Viz Text Search Whole Words TextFX Viz Settings <None>
Wikipedia Search Notepad++ → Run Alt+F3
Window... Notepad++ → Window <None>
Windows-n (1250-1258) Notepad++ → Encoding → Character sets <None>
Word completion Notepad++ → Edit Ctrl+Enter
Wrap Notepad++ → View <None>
XSL Transformation XML Tools <NOne>
Zap all characters to space TextFX Characters <None>
Zap all non printable characters to # TextFX Characters <None>

(*) Supported OEM code pages are: 437 (OEM-US), 720, 737, 775, 850, 852, 855, 857, 858, 860, 861, 862, 863, 865, 866, 869. (**) Only the following ISO-8859 encodings, supported by Microsoft, are available: 1-9, 12-15.