Notepad++ And Unix/Mac

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How to keep using Notepad++ without Windows?

Notepad++ is a native Win32 application. Its architecture and coding are tightly coupled with how Windows works. So there are basicaly two ways to get Notepad++ running on a non-Windows OS:

  • fake the OS around notepad++.exe
  • rewrite Notepad++ using a user interface framework that runs on the target platform.

The latter is possible in theory, probably requiring some tens of thousand hours of programming time. Triple that for testing purposes, and ensure the Windows and non-Windows versions evolve in lockstep after this, that is, bugs get corrected on both versions etc. No one has dared say s/he would step into this. Good luck.

There are two ways to fake Windows on a non-Windows machine: virtual machines and emulators. VMWare ha very good virtual machines for several Windows versions; this will work on Linux machines. Wine is a true and tested Windows emulator that can run on any Unix-like machine, hence also on Macs.

A packaged Notepad++ for Mac is available here: