Notepad++ And UAC

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Using Notepad++ and per-account security (UAC) together

Windows versions from XP up care about user security by preventing unprivileged users to write to a number of places. While this may have reduced the number of virus/malware infections, it has certailny saddled users with a number of annoyances they usually are not savvy enough to deal with without external help. This page aims at gathering usability tricks for users under UAC, just to make the search faster.

Executing Notepad++

Because Notepad++ is open source freeware, it is not signed, and Microsoft(tm) OSes like frightening users about executing code from unknown (read: non-paying) publishers. A user provided the following trick:

Solution #2: how to install notepad++ so that you do not see unknown publisher edit Written by rmundkowsky the 28 Nov 12 at 16:02. [Mark as duplicate] [Delete rationale<->solution link] [Delete] Disregard my request to sign the executable. I wanted this to hopefully get rid of the "unknown publisher" pop-up.

Turns out there is an easy way to fix this:

  1. Install as "Run As Admin"
  2. Set to Notepad++ to not run as admin:

Right-click properties in Notepad++ via Start Menu Goto Compatibility tab Press "Change for all users" button uncheck run as admin.

You know from the title bar whether Notepad++ runs with or without administrator privileges.