Limitations Of User Defined Languages

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Limitations Of User Defined Languages

Nearly every complex language, be it about programming, scripting or other purposes, had its own quirks. This is why it is not realistic to expect User Defined Languages to duplicate the features of most Built-in Languages.

However, many unsupported languages have common features that are not part of the UDL configuration scheme as of version 6.6.6, and might deserve to be included there. The difficulty is to alter the LexUser.cxx source file (which belongs to Notepad++, even though it resides in so called Scintilla source subtree) and the code about the User Defined Language Panel consistenly, as well as the logic to read and write userDefineLang.xml.

The following is a list of fairly common feature assessed from forum user requests, and not implemented as of version 6.6.6:

  • Keywords defined by regular expressions
  • Embedded language support