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The following is a list of all ideas ever posted on IdeaTorrent. It can be useful to have them shown as simple links.

When phpBB is active, its facilities will be used and this page will probably vanish, unless it proves to be popular.

Idea links show their title. However, when this has been deemed too vague, the tooltip for the link has been changed from the default - the address for the idea page - to some supposedly more descriptive text. Useful if you cannot preview the target of a link easily.

Main section

Ideas with categories
Idea title ID Category
TODO flags in comments 10 Language features
Some old compilators need an empty line at end 12 Whitespace
Menus were broken by old localization files in 5.4 - can happen again 1 Menus
Make edition of newlines senseful 11 Whitespace
Finding/Creating/Modifying Shortcuts should be easier. 3 Shortcuts
Curly brackets can either be folded or highlighted, but not both 2 User-defined languages
Don't save cursor positions in session 18 Sessions
Seperate Print Style} 28 Printing
Print all opened documents with custom layout 8 Printing
Some text searches in code return false positives 26 Searching
Push and pop your favourite bookmark sets 23 Bookmarks
Make saving window size & position optional 22 Saving files / settings
Find And Replace on Bookmarked lines 20 Bookmarks
Very large files in Notepad++ could be made easier to work with. 24 Large files
Files from last session get mixed with dragged files 19 Sessions
Allow edition of individual stream in a MS Compound document 31 Windows integration
To allow portable NPP Sessions (using relative paths) 33 Sessions
Switch between last used files && chronological switching 34 Tab bar
Real Dynamic Horizontal Scrollbar 36 Scrolling
Make F5 (Run) add double quotes in Windows 35 Windows integration
Help for extension when saving 37 Saving files / settings
Improve Coding Efficiency with Enhanced Bookmark Functionality 40 Bookmarks
Suggestions for "Replace" operations 41 Find / replace dialog
Reopen last closed document 43 Editing commands
Adding File Association by selecting one at a time using mouse can be improved 46 Preferences & settings
Fine tune mass replacements 49 Searching
Save most recent search settings 51 Saving files / settings
"Non-Destructive" Notepad Replacement 59 Windows integration
Get back Portable Funcionality 60 Sessions
To reduce manually dragging tabs 66 Tab bar
Icons in menu may make some people more productive 73 Menus
Its necessary to open file in exclusive mode (file locking) 79 Windows integration
Some languages dont have a proper start/end closing for sections 84 User-defined languages
Clean the project's compilation warnings * 5 Notepad++ project
"Select found token" in Find-Form 91 Find / replace dialog
"Select" text for Multi-Editing with ContextMenue 89 Multi-edition
[Drawing] - Plugin for Notepad++ 67 New plugins
close many tabs without saving 95 Editing commands
Unnecessary, repetitive, editing of settings 96 Preferences & settings
Make substituting tabs for spaces less annoying to deal with 97 Whitespace
Find / Replace 98 Find / replace dialog
Insert file from cursor position 101 Editing commands
Nested Folded Text Behabiour 103 Syntax highlighting & folding
Fixed Width Tabs (like Firefox) 102 Tab bar
Selective file status auto-detection 104 External changes
pop up isn't really need 108 Menus
Remove frivolous options from Notepad++ preferences 109 Preferences & settings
Improvement of appearance of the editor 113 Bookmarks
Add a comma delimited list of fonts to use in stylers.xml 116 Syntax highlighting & folding
Need ability to control transparency in stylers.xml 118 Syntax highlighting & folding
Dynamic-length plugin menu 121 Plugin subsystem
Make it possible to navigate between bookmarks 124 Bookmarks
Some files in file history are relative, some absolut 125 Files & tabs
the default filename of New File 130 Files & tabs
flow chart addition to notepad++ 134 New plugins
Document Object Model (DOM) for HTML-like language 138 New plugins
Scrolling Tab Bar when mouseover it 139 Tab bar
Let new hotkey assignment overwrite old with warning 140 Shortcuts
Search Result Window required output 141 Search results window
Give Notepad ++ the ability (via plugin) to step-through/debug vbScript 144 New plugins
I have several ideas for features of Notepad++ 142 Sessions
There should be a way to preview text before printing 148 Printing
improved caret positioning 152 Column editing
extend recent files menu to more than 30 155 Menus
Dragging Shortcuts should load target file instead of Shortcut binary 156 Windows integration
Setting: Show tab bar only when needed 157 Tab bar
Save directory for new documents 159 Saving files / settings
UDL set to default, and accessible from the commandline 162 User-defined languages
"invert lines" in Edit->Line Operations 163 Editing commands
usability problem 168 Searching
Themes are too complicated 170 Syntax highlighting & folding
quick identify window file-type 171 Files & tabs
csv columnar view 172 New plugins
Drive letters and UNC-shares in SaveAs-dialog 173 Windows integration
Current operation seems counterintuitive 175 Files & tabs
Search-Results window not closeable by F7 key 178 Shortcuts
No way to scroll through calltip function overloads 180 Shortcuts
Preserve bookmarks & highlighting on file refresh 179 Bookmarks
autocompletion across opened documents 181 Auto-completion
Alter background when Find window is open as an option 185 Find / replace dialog
Make the 'Find' window dockable on the UI 184 Find / replace dialog
Update notices at startup break the workflow 189 Preferences & settings
"Ctrl+click on line number" adds the line to multi-editing selection 194 Multi-edition
nppBackup directory useless in "Find in Files" Dialog 195 Find / replace dialog
Comment position 199 Editing behaviour
Don't prompt to download updates if user does not have permission to install 200 Installer
smarter preprocessor highlighter/handling 205 User-defined languages
cursor beyond the end of line option 204 Whitespace
Make easier to read the tab name when displayed as Vertical Tab Bar 207 Tab bar
Backup directory keeps collecting files without limit 206 Saving files / settings
make the 'copy the word under cursor to the find box' optional 209 Find / replace dialog
Use 'Find next' shortcut (F3) also in search/replace dialog 211 Shortcuts
AutoScroll feature 212 Scrolling
ability to assign special utf8 chars under k-board shortcuts 214 Shortcuts
Make moving or copying text betweeen buffers easier 215 Files & tabs
Make bookmark column react to mouse drags like line number column 217 User interface
Replace function should replace in selection by default 216 Find/Replace scope
Support for Abaqus Input Files 219 Notepad++ project
Variable Spaced Tabstops 221 Whitespace
Sticky cursor column position when moving to a new line 222 Column editing
Multi touch is becoming more widespread and it works in standard notepad 225 Windows integration
Print listings for documentation with page breaks for better code structure 229 Printing
column paste and edit mode ala Crimson Editor 232 Column editing
Marked style text cannot be saved from session to session 235 Sessions
Easy tracking of styled strings 239 User interface
Launch macro(s) at startup 241 Editing behaviour
Can't delete entries in the Search/Replace history 242 Preferences & settings
Use of CTRL+(SHIFT+)TAB to navigate between tabs in Search-Replace-Popup 243 Shortcuts
User may want to be notified of file content differences only 244 External changes
advance the UI to prevent accidental clicks of the 'replace all in all opened. 245 Find / replace dialog
Need option to change font size when printing 247 Printing
Session is lost if Notepad++ or the computer crashes 250 Sessions
extra work/time finding in files 252 Find / replace dialog
To modify how NP++ selects a phrase, number and or an expression 253 User interface
Extend CSS in langs.xml to CSS compilers extensions 256 Language features
Suppress prompt "Do you want to keep open the deleted file" ? 258 External changes
More intuitive / standardized user interface 76 User interface
Check file modification when switching to tab 259 External changes
easyer settings selection 262 Preferences & settings
Mark search matches on scrollbar 261 Scrolling
Find Results usability 260 Search results window
Shift-ESC hotkey to Minimize (to systray) 263 Shortcuts
Enrich the way text selection creates matches to be highlighted 264 Searching
Hiding the scroll bar. 265 Scrolling
Command line: ignore first command line argument 266 Command line
Expand pre-defined language editing/customization 268 User-defined languages
Gain Screen Space by Easy Toggle of Line Numbers 272 Menus
Scrollbar Grabber Small in Large Files 271 Scrolling
Reassurance that a file has updated 270 External changes
For users with English as a secondary language 274 Language features
Feature Vote Within Notepad++ 275 Notepad++ project
"last modified" time and date variables for printing 276 Printing
Release Command Prompt 277 Command line
Option to Perform Macro on All Open Buffers 278 Files & tabs
Auto-Detection File Status should take care for data lose 282 External changes
Add an undo step for file reload 281 Editing behaviour
Find/Replace dialog is user unfriendly 280 Find / replace dialog
avanced find/replace regular text expressions 283 Searching
Reduce typing in function/method declarations and calls using autocompletion 285 Auto-completion
Update "find result" window, when we modify the results in a page 287 Search results window
Menus Getting Cluttered 289 Menus
Simplenote support to sync notes with 290 New plugins
During install, clicking on component name unexpectedly toggles component status 292 Installer
Proxy User Account Support 291 Windows integration
moving multi-line tabs 294 Tab bar
Another ways of selecting fragments for Multi-Editing 300 Multi-edition
Command "Maximize/Restore Current View" 299 Shortcuts
Report only first occurrence on each line when using Find All in Current Document 302 Searching
Setting default file associations is too difficult 303 Installer
uninstall deletes prefs 305 Installer
Use space for autocompetion startFunc=" " (cobol.xml,...) 307 User-defined languages
Friendly & visible column editor -Scrittura per colonne +semplificata e visibile 306 Column editing
Context menu improvements 309 Menus
Missing "reload all" and "Don't reload any" 315 External changes
Extended search character sequences in search field 318 Searching
put indentation settings at the first line of a file (like vim) 319 Whitespace
Offer 'Open With Notepad++' for only desired file types 320 Windows integration
Let Language style change theme, or global bg colour 321 Syntax highlighting & folding
Make Notepad++ A Batch Editor by Allowing Macros on the Command Line 322 Command line
Unable to bookmark all selected lines in a convenient way. 323 Bookmarks
I like to give a new document a meaningful title before I start typing 332 Saving files / settings
Windows Dialog should have a shortcut for quick switching 330 Shortcuts
Scrollbars in Post-It mode waste screen real estate 337 Scrolling
Replace all must ignore cursor position 338 Find/Replace scope
Making search/replace scope more obvious and flexible 340 Find/Replace scope
Automatically alphabetize tabs every time a new file is opened 343 Tab bar
Noisy changes to config.xml cause merge conflicts 344 Saving files / settings
Convert TABs to spaces so it keeps the current text layout. 345 Whitespace
Erlang syntax highlighting 346 Language features
New setting: Always Move To Other View 347 Files & tabs
Allow having a process terminate when closing a document. 350 Windows integration
Increase the range of customisable colours 352 User interface
colorize first word of lines 353 User-defined languages
Select Language, EOL and Encoding via Status Bar 355 User interface
Separate TAB size value for TAB key and embedded TABs 359 Whitespace
Run page as if it were located at [url] 361 Notepad++ project
The format of menu selections could be improved 364 Shortcuts
session.xml is ineffective for portable installs 365 Saving files / settings
New tab" tab/button to the right of the open tabs (like a web browser) 366 Tab bar
makes user think less, lets them click quicker 370 Menus
Word completion: words used in code-comments can lead to wrong variable names 375 Auto-completion
Search in Files blocks notepad++ 376 Searching
Compare Plugin and Style Configurator 377 Plugin subsystem
Find In Selection 378 Find/Replace scope
Sort lines menu appears complex 384 Menus
Automation: delete duplicate lines 383 Editing commands
Per-view word wrap 385 User interface
Problems configuring large number of file extensions to be recognised as XML 388 Syntax highlighting & folding
Notepad++ Looks a little too classy for me.. 391 User interface
shell scripts require a raw LF, the Language setting should know that 392 Editing behaviour
Indent selected block of text and indent multiple lines in column mode 393 Column editing
More usable Shortcut mapper 394 Shortcuts
BRIEF Keyboard Emulation 395 Editing commands
extend operations able to be performed on non-standard selections 400 Searching
drag selection over text for specific comparison between the two 399 Editing behaviour
auto recollapse after lines have been moved through them 398 Syntax highlighting & folding
Every other decent text editing program does it 402 Printing
Easier use of column select in find/search 405 Searching
Space to TAB command is not good enough 404 Whitespace
Auto-complete popup blinks after every character 409 Auto-completion
Ordering search in file results 407 Search results window
A Replace without automatically finding next 412 Find / replace dialog
Case-formatted Keywords 413 Syntax highlighting & folding
Doc Switcher - Sort Options and Inline Search 414 Doc Switcher
The session management that comes with NPP is far too rudimentary. 418 Sessions
Automatic crash reporting 420 Notepad++ project
Helps to know what version a printed code represents 422 Printing
Column editor descending number 426 Editing commands
Let the user build a search (mostly RegEx) library 424 Searching
Doesn't call the Windows 7-style 'Save As' dialog 425 Sessions
Save sessions with multiple instances 428 Saving files / settings
enable multiple line selection function in Notepad++ 430 Multi-edition
Save the style tokens in session 431 Saving files / settings
matching brackets should be more "highlighted" 432 Editing behaviour
Speed up language parsing 433 Syntax highlighting & folding
Option to hide icon in tabs 435 Tab bar
Let User set spacing between paragraphs 439 Whitespace
always save file in an explicitly defined folder 440 Editing behaviour
Selection cancels is too easy 443 Editing behaviour
Workspace not very usable 441 Project
better CSS-/HTML autocompletion 445 Auto-completion
auto-select localisation at installation 458 Installer
Reopen previous files after auto-update app restart, regardless of normal prefs 455 Editing behaviour
Differentiate "Item Type" for Different File Extensions 447 Windows integration
Horizontal rule 446 User interface
TextFx Insert entries for slashes filepaths,dirs 453 New plugins
new textfx: longest line number 452 Editing commands
new TextFX: sort by line length 451 Editing commands
Cannot dock the incremental search permanently 460 Searching
Add Vala Language Support 462 Language features
ctrl-tab within same view 437 Tab bar
Add file association Edit command group 464 Editing commands
Upgrade .vcproj to most recent version 465 Notepad++ project
There is no source code compressor for supported script languages like PHP & JS 468 New plugins
Ctrl+C does nothing when there is no selection. 467 Shortcuts
Patch tool for notepad++ 469 Notepad++ project
Alternate icon for Read-Only 472 Tab bar
Ease of use of multiple cursors 474 Multi-edition
Case Insensitive Word Complete 476 Auto-completion
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for scripting+programming usage 478 Notepad++ project
Confusing 'Language/Styles' options 479 Preferences & settings
Provide way for Plugins to detect requested UI Language 481 Plugin subsystem
Need for user defined window title 480 Windows integration
Remember read-only files for startup 482 Saving files / settings
Ease Navigation thru multiple tabs using boomarks 483 Bookmarks
Anchors between and in files 485 Bookmarks
Close To System Tray 487 Windows integration
Hex Numbers Displayed In Correct Color 488 New plugins
Add Option for caret sticky 489 Column editing
Smooth scrolling using mouse wheel 491 Scrolling
Bugzilla connector/iterface 492 New plugins
More options to show test results 493 Search results window
Default Charset 495 Encoding & charsets
View special ascii chars as space or dot 494 User interface
Need more than two views 496 Tab bar
Preferences - Language Menu could be a lot easier 499 Preferences & settings
Several Improvements to User-Defined Languages 502 User-defined languages
User-Defined Language dialog box too tall 501 User-defined languages
Select encoding for opening file via command line 503 Command line
When printing double-sided print margins cannot be mirrored 506 Printing
Column mode paste, on an empty line: 509 Column editing
Column mode paste, when clipboard contains only one line of text 508 Column editing
No access to Scintilla's built-in FlagShip lexer 507 Language features
No possibility to autoclose html tags in php files 514 Language features
Column / Multi-Selection Editor dialog: easier selection of Text/Number options 513 Multi-edition
Find All buttons are presented in the opposite way as the Replace All buttons 512 Find / replace dialog
Simple Multiline Search and Replace Dialog 511 Find / replace dialog
Exiting with ESC key 510 Windows integration
Smart tabspace 519 Whitespace
Smater syntax highligting 518 Syntax highlighting & folding
Easily replace notepad.exe 521 Tips & Tricks
Undocked User-Defined Language dialog exceeds display height 520 User-defined languages
Compare 2 files in NP++ using context menu on files 528 Windows integration
Make it easier to click-set the cursor before the first character of a line 529 User interface
No Save As... OS for EOL format 532 Saving files / settings
Only 1 operators1 group available 523 User-defined languages
Compare Plugin should be in the distribution 525 Project
Change.log improvement 535 Project
Npp Plugin to post Ideas directly from Npp 536 New plugins
Plugin: SQL Code Validator 537 New plugins
sign the executables 538 Tips & Tricks
Be able to resize the various elements of the status bar 541 User interface
Adding a Search Function to Help Page 542 Notepad++ project
Document map scaling 544 Scrolling
Change color of CR/LF 546 Editing behaviour
Tabs can get out of hand 547 Tab bar
execute sql code on a remote server from notepad++ 527 Notepad++ project
Fill a Column Selection with expecific text 550 Editing commands
Booklet Format Page Numbers 552 Printing
Have WordWrap optionally affect *only* the current tab/doc 553 Editing behaviour
GB18030 support missing, though it is an essential international feature 554 Encoding & charsets
highlight words in all visible tabs 555 Searching
remove installer from temp folder 556 Installer
the info displayed in the Summary window is not selectable 562 User interface
Defaulting Encoding to UTF-8 564 Encoding & charsets
Would like to increment column values in groups, not just one by one. 565 Editing commands
Enable handling of larger files through 64bit binaries 567 Notepad++ project
automate "Keep non existing file" 569 External changes
SVG language support 570 Language features
Difficulty to navigate between bookmarks 571 Bookmarks
Enhanced Range Selection Support 572 Editing commands
More convenient formatting with custom language 573 User-defined languages
Cursor changes when hovering over URL 574 Editing behaviour
I would like an audio indication of when my search wraps to the top 575 Searching
Would like more functionality in Macros 577 Editing commands
Merge "Find->Mark" and "Style token" highlighting 581 Searching
Do not interrupt drag-n-drop by "Reload file?" message 583 Windows integration
Option to show message when a file is already loaded 484 External changes
Reload file only when it becomes active 584 External changes
Display of hidden UTF8 characters 586 Notepad++ project
Comment wrapping must always be done by hand 589 Editing commands
need to have the editing window position and size fixed 591 Preferences & settings
Inonsistency in sorting of multiple open documents. 598 Files & tabs
Associate language without filename in addition to extension 599 Syntax highlighting & folding
Highlight trailing whitespaces 595 Whitespace
New File From Right-Click Doesn't Work 602 Menus
You cannot simply "merge" two documents on one sheet of paper 607 Printing
Find up/down too complicated in search box 609 Find/Replace scope
File Status Auto-Detection and maintain Undo History 610 External changes
Add disable/enable function for tooltip on file tab 611 Tab bar
Clarity 613 Menus
With remember session ticked provide option to always start in new file window 614 Sessions
Doc switcher could close document with middle mouse button 615 Doc Switcher
CSS3 has introduced a lot of new properties. 616 Language features
Bookmarks Reminder / Persistent Storage 617 Bookmarks
Convert Case To Title Case 618 Editing commands
Constant tab sizes are sometimes impractical 620 Whitespace
Several improvements to Search feature 621 Search results window
"File is too big to be opened by Notepad++" should indicate if it's a RAM issue 623 Large files
Project and workspace 624 Project
search/F3 to switch focus to the main form text 625 Searching
Open any directory in a window as tree list view 628 User interface
Where this class belongs. 630 Language features
Notepad++ editor with MinGW and gcc debugger 631 New plugins
Include the compare-plugin in the basic installation package 632 Plugin subsystem
Fountain/Markdown language /plugin support 633 Language features
MRU is handy, but Document Switcher popup is distracting. 634 Doc Switcher
Double-click to highlight text matches in BOTH open views/ tabs 635 Editing behaviour
Combine "Smart higlighting" and "multi editing" 637 Editing behaviour
New file and Files from last session when opening Notepad++ 638 Preferences & settings
Switch to column mode when Alt key is pressed while selecting 639 Column editing
Select a block shortcut 642 Shortcuts
Should MRU be the default for switching between tabs? 646 Tab bar
More keyword groups needed for a keyword-heavy language. 644 User-defined languages
better search&replace 643 Editing commands
True 0-border width 647 User interface
Possibility of hiding docking panel completely 648 User interface
Copy to clipboard -> file path 649 Menus
Allow multiple file selection in Doc Switcher... 650 Files & tabs
Reopen file with administrative rights / Restart Notepad++ as administrator 652 Saving files / settings
count characters just inside a selection 654 Find/Replace scope
Document list panel enhancement 656 Files & tabs
Update PHP syntax highlighting 665 Language features
Search dialog: wildcards in directory path 666 Find / replace dialog
Support for very large files (2GB and more) 667 Large files
Hotkey to Disable/Enable Syntax Highlighting 668 Syntax highlighting & folding
More than one style for operators 669 User-defined languages
select lines and then bookmark 672 Bookmarks
middle click is a common close action 673 Tab bar
Working on many projects simultaneously 674 Files & tabs
Improve column mode navigation with a ruler and a better Go to 675 Column editing
PHP : identifiers and static elements styling 676 Language features
Auto-indentation do not get back automatically 678 Auto-completion
replace last prevents losing your place when done replacing 679 Find / replace dialog
Refresh icon set in multiple resolutions 681 User interface
Not load full file 683 Large files
possibility to deal search results later in document 684 Search results window
Difficult to navigate large Function List 685 Function list
No grouping in possible 688 Menus
Option to not auto focus Npp++ on a drag and drop action. 692 Windows integration
Make "Find All in Current Document" button in "Find" dialog keyboard-selectable 693 Shortcuts
Need support for IDL language 694 Language features
Apply default EOL setting when loading an empty file 698 Encoding & charsets
Apply Make "Find in Files" and "Mark" pages accessible by keyboard 699 Shortcuts
Apply Language definition to list of open files 700 Language features
Remember tab size setting for each document 701 Whitespace
Selected text different highlighting for active/inactive window focus 702 User interface
Column Edit ease of use 704 Column editing
fixed column width/spreadsheet like view for delimited text 705 Column editing
Doc Switcher Should Have Configurable Styles 707 Doc Switcher
to make using the close button on the file tabs easier 708 Tab bar
Workflow is lost when there are multiple modified files 709 External changes
Suffix mode for Keyword Lists in User-Defined Languages 710 User-defined languages
email file(s) from Notepad++ 712 New plugins
"Style found token" in "Find" tab as in Version v5.8.6 713 Find / replace dialog
Inconvenience with -multiInst parameter: one file may be opened in many instance 714 Multi-edition
Find All in Current Document - automatic clear results 716 Search results window
User should be able to change/define the Comment character(s) for a language 717 Language features
Hand cursor is awkward when selectingand double click isn't established standar 721 Editing behaviour
Column Mode Suggestions (3) 723 Column editing
Divider Bar - Double Click Centering 724 User interface
What if I need to find and count a string in a selection 727 Find/Replace scope
Google Chromecast Notepad++ Plugin 728 New plugins
Seems like a natural part of the "View>Fold All" and friend familly 729 Syntax highlighting & folding
Directory label for same name 730 Files & tabs
Add additional doxygen command highlighting 733 Language features
Insert asterisk in comment blocks 734 Auto-completion
Easier navigation of massive XML data 736 Syntax highlighting & folding
Leading tabs and spaces goes wrong in new lines 737 Whitespace
Facilitate editing from multiple remote servers 738 Multi-edition
Additional environment variable 739 Plugin subsystem
Tab Groups 741 Files & tabs
Each time I paste content into Notepad++ I have to alter the language settings 742 Language features
Case insensitive command line switches 743 Command line
Adding Gradle to the language list 744 Language features
Associate Default encoding on extension file (open file) 746 Encoding & charsets
command-line parameter to search/highlight 747 Command line
Move from NSIS installer to MSI installer 748 Installer
Synchronise vertical scroolling but with "text selected". 755 Multi-edition
Synchronise vertical scroolling but with "text selected". 756 Scrolling
Handling sessions is currently cumbersome 757 Sessions
Working in distant points of a document currently cumbersome 758 Multi-edition
Stop converting spaces to tabs, because I get frustrated 759 Whitespace
Add Labels (for Function List, Styles) in Document Map 760 Function list
mouse scroll on tabs. It works in Firefox 761 Files & tabs
Vertical Document Switcher Panel - Cannot Sort by 'Date Modified 762 Doc Switcher
There are not any great iOS code editors 766 Notepad++ project
Vertical Document Switcher Panel - Cannot Sort by 'Date Modified 765 Doc Switcher
Search files in project 767 Searching
Regular expression for Delimiter selection settings (CTRL + double click) 769 Editing behaviour
Working with several small short-term use files 770 Saving files / settings
Don't know whether to install plugins 771 Installer
Can't precisely recognize current zoom percentage with Ctrl + mouse wheel 772 User interface
Select and Find Alternate Operation 773 Find / replace dialog
Function List displays items from only one file 775 Function list
Auto-Indent ENTER / New Line Option 776 Editing behaviour
Please add sha1 hash code for version source code archives 777 Notepad++ project
Can't close all tabs in one action 778 Tab bar
Path Column in Doc Switcher 779 Doc Switcher
Make setting tab size easier 780 Preferences & settings
Windows DMP extraction - WinDBG.exe 781 Windows integration
Make it easier/better to quick navigate large documents 784 User interface
In Windows, show 'Favorites' in left pane of 'Save As' 785 User interface
Reuse window/tabs when opening the same files 786 Multi-edition
program Visuals do make a difference 787 User interface
function list colors 788 Function list
Switch terms (a double "search & replace") 789 Find / replace dialog
Find/Replace dialog fields "Find what"/"Replace with" are to small 790 Find / replace dialog
Add option "Reload file with encoding" 791 Encoding & charsets
Re-architect session management 792 Encoding & charsets
Tabs in dialogs should be made switchable using keyboard 793 Shortcuts
Elastic tabs / tabstops for dynamic alignment between tabs on adjacent lines 794 Whitespace
SystemVerilog language support 795 Language features
Submit NotePad++ to Steam GreenLight 798 Notepad++ project
Place Tab for newly opened files besides current Tab 798 Tab bar
Better visual alignment of results in "find result" window. 801 Search results window
Ability to use existing blank operation functions in all open files at once 800 Whitespace
Ability to use existing blank operation functions in all open files at once 803 Searching
Repeat a search you have performed earlier in your Notepad++ session 804 Search results window
Project Panel Filesystem Syncing 805 Search results window
Outdated open/save file dialogues 806 User interface
Fold and Unfold entire blocks of code with middle click 807 Syntax highlighting & folding
Hotkey for "Find all in current document" 808 Syntax highlighting & folding
To better act as a true notepad replacement... 809 Sessions
Easy Multi-Line Selection Ability 810 Editing commands
Regular expression text highlighting as you type 811 Find / replace dialog
Auto complete mess up keystroke macros 812 Editing behaviour
Search Replacement List 799 Find / replace dialog
safe or save? 815 Sessions
Never Hide The "Find Results" Panel After A New "Find" or "Replace" Command 817 Search results window
Improve Document List Panel (Doc Switcher) 818 Search results window
Disable syntax coloring for large files 819 Large files
Insertion of control characters 820 Editing commands
Command line switch to edit new file and skip "Create new file" dialog 821 Command line
Some files come from an IBM mainframe 822 Encoding & charsets
Reloading a bunch of externally modified files is painful 823 External changes
Shading the current line 824 Editing behaviour
Function list - return focus to editor after double-clicking 825 Function list
Save time by using to line of file as filename instead of File1 etc 826 Editing commands
Monospaced and proportional font selection (coding vs writing) 827 User interface
Return to original opened file 828 Editing behaviour
cross reference search 829 Searching
Allow "Move to New Instance" on new tabs 831 Tab bar
Smart Highlighting should show alt color when not exact case match 832 Editing behaviour
Automatic copy to clipboard while marking text with mouse 834 Editing behaviour
multi-editing enhancement 835 Multi-edition
move toolbar to the left/right (vertical) 838 User interface
it is a waste of space 837 [1]
Support for HTML 5 tag 839 [2]
Add option to disable the search history 840 [3]
Maintain active search between restarts 841 [4]
Allow F3 (Search next) while Search or incremental search is displayed 842 [5]

Simple asterisks (*) indicate ideas that are in development, or keep influencing dvelopment. Implemented ideas are shown on the table below. Implementation may result from a new feature, new plugin or exposure of some existing feature for solving the problem.

Unlikely implemented

The following ideas stand a slim chance to be implemented by the Notepad++ project because the way Scintilla works goes against them, or because getting them to work would be very tricky. When a substantial change in Scintilla takes place, some of these ideas may migrate back to the main section. A review is performed on each version change for Scintilla. Current is 2.20.

Ideas unlikely to be implemented
Idea title ID Category Reason
background plugins matchign styles 9 User interface Requires conforming work from independent or gone developers
Auto close tags in html / php 21 Editing behaviour More of a plugin job
underline hexadecimal color codes 47 Syntax highlighting & folding More of a plugin job
Permanent brace highlighting 62 Syntax highlighting & folding Not implemented in Scintilla supplied lexers
Custom Line numbering 75 User interface Not supported by Scintilla
Only drag tabs, not full rows, in multiline tab bar mode 83 User interface Requires a custom component to replace Windows' TabControl
Mouse Does Not Scroll Window When Dragging Text 86 Editing behaviour Not supported by Scintilla
open language file regarding the opened file extension 107 Menus & shortcuts More of an existing plugin job
Save Style Highlights between Sessions 110 Syntax highlighting & folding Not supported by Scintilla
horizontal line marking fold needs own style configurability 106 Syntax highlighting & folding Not supported by Scintilla
add support for the Microsoft text and services framework (TSF) 131 Windows integration Would require native COM support in Scintilla
colouring different pars of programme 143 Plugin subsystem Requires metadata about styling of the document. This seems to be a bit off limits for a text editor, as desitable as it may seem
Line wrapping with line length e.g.110 at word boundaries (!) 146 Editing behaviour This would rather be a RFE for TextFX Edit's Rewrap command
Show Only Tabs 70 User interface Not supported by Scintilla
save Undo History in a local file 119 Editing behaviour Not supported by Scintilla, which exposes the undo stack as a write-only feature
Enable folding of comments in html embedded scripts 128 Syntax highlighting & folding Not supported by the LexHTML.cxx lexer that Scintilla ships with
Feature request: reselect Last Selection 160 Editing behaviour Scintilla would have to remember selections on clicks, which it doesn't do as of 3.3.4
Automatic carriage return wrap 52 Editing behaviour Not supported by Scintilla; plugin may have too much of a performance penalty
Click + Drag Scrolling 191 [ User interface On Scintilla TODO list for a while. Alternative solutions require altering Scintilla too. Dupe of 86.
Begin/End Brace Like Highlighting 122 Syntax highlighting & folding This would require modifying Scintilla lexers
Easier navigation of large XML blocks by closing tag folding 210 Syntax highlighting & folding Not supported by Scintilla, use the Search menu commands instead
Need for a fuzzy roadmap 4 Notepad++ project Not compatibla with the current development strategy of Notepad++
Undo and selected text 227 Editing commands For this to work, Scintilla needs to remember the selections it cancels, which isn't done currently
Add dot notation and expansion of JS Keywords support to Style configurator 198 Syntax highlighting & folding This would require adding support for custom keyword lists to Scintilla lexers.
N++ don't support custom style for user's wordlist 174 Syntax highlighting & folding This would require adding support for custom keyword lists to Scintilla lexers.
PHP alternative syntax highlighting 267 Syntax highlighting & folding This would require an alternate Scintilla lexer for PHP.
Multiple Vertical Edge Lines 293 Syntax highlighting & folding Edge lines are handled by Scintilla, so this would require modifying it.
Custom Code Folding 386 Syntax highlighting & folding Notepad++, as a text editor, does not include anything that belongs to it into text, and most Scintilla lexers don't support arbitrary folding
freehand selection 401 Editing behaviour Scintilla only allows for multiple stream selections or a single rectangular selection. So the feature needs Scintilla cooperation, N++ won't help.
Being able to: Block and /or line highlighter 406 Editing commands Scintilla does not support marking an arbitrary piece of text. This would involve adding some sort of invisible markers to the text, and only word processors do that.
Document information 411 User interface Definitely a plugin's job. Or a sed/awk easy job.
Fold line comments 497 Synbtax highlighting & folding This can be enabled per language. Please refer to Built-in Languages on the wiki to see how it can be done.
Viewing unicode control characters 579 Encodings & charsets Requires Scintilla support, which is not likely
Middle Click Scrolling 593 Scrolling Requires Scintilla support, has been on that project to-do list for 3 years
Line length when splitting long lines 626 Editing commands Requires Scintilla to reformat based on the length of a line in code points, not currently implemented.