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How to get help on Notepad++ NOW

The complete list of help and documentation resources can be found at Documentation And Help. However, the following are the most popular:

The Help forum is the place to ask questions. Searching this forum prior to asking is often efficient, ie you get an useful answer, and polite, as it avoids asking and answering the same question in the same terms over and again.
Open Discussion Forum
This is the place to discuss what is being done by Notepd++ and how. The Help forum would gather questions of the "How do I do this?" or "This was/should be working" kind. Open Discussion is more about "Why can't I do this?" questions. The border is admittedly fuzzy. Searching this forum will often bring you useful returns as well.
you are looking at a wiki page actually. Just take a look at the side bar, it has a search box - how to use that? - and a "np++ articles" frame, which provides indexes and topic lists with varied levels of aggregation. This is perhaps the best way to get long answers; forums are better at short answers.