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Adding Notepad++ to the context menu of the Windows file manager

To tighten its integration with Windows, Notepad++ optionally provides an extra context menu entry to open a file, or group of files, using Notepad++. This "Edit with Notepad++" entry will be shown for all file types, but not for folders.

Do not choose this option if you wish a 100% Portable Notepad++, as it involves registering a dll and therefore editing the registry somehow.


If you install from the zipped package, you need to get the NppShell.dll system extension from http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/commun/misc/NppShell.New.zip The installer does it all for you if you leave the corresponding checkbox checked.

Under Windows 7, you need to run the registering command as an admin for it to work. The installer will not do it for you.

To install the dll, copy it in notepad++.exe's folder, and then enter the following command at the cmd.exe prompt is

regsvr32 /s /i NppShell.dll

Make sure the current directory is set to notepad++.exe's folder before issuing the command. Using a full path won't work.

Issuing regsvr32 /i NppShell.dll from a cmd.exe prompt, or issuing it from the Run... Windows facility (you must provide the fulll dll path then) opens a settings dialog box with a few self-explanatory settings:


For those who would like to disable the context menu, it is possible. Open cmd.exe and cd to your installation folder. At this point, and Notepad++ being closed, enter

regsvr32 /u NppShell.dll 

That should do it. Another option is to uninstall and reinstall with the option turned off.