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Where can I get help?

Users of any given application share some goals - the tasks they perform wth it - and some fuzzy closeness as they share something - a common tool, and perhaps a common perception about open source projects. What does make this community alive? Interaction. How to interact?

Please note that most of these resources have direct links from the sidebar.

  • This wiki:
The main page
A MediaWiki powered interactive service - you are viewing it.

Yes, a wiki is interactive, since anyone can read information there, and anyone with a SourceForge id can contibute too - please see Getting Started. New users will be abe to write or modify wiki pages a few days after their first visit, due to the manual process of granting the relevant permissions.

The 10 forums:

Language specific

Hilfe/Diskussion in Deutsch 
Hilfe, Anregungen, Diskussionen in Deutsch
Generalist forum in german
Foro en español 
Ayuda y discusiones en español
Generalist forum in spanish
Forum en français
Generalist forum in french
Fórum em português 
Ajuda e discussão
Generalist forum in portuguese

General purpose forums

Asking for help, and musing about what might be working differently
Open Discussion Forum}
Discussions about Notepad++ features, and musing about what might be working differently

Specialised forums

Plugin Development forum
Technical issues about plugins, release announcements, support and more
Translation Forum
Translating Notepad++ into a variety of languages
Scripting forum
Using major script languages (PHP, Python, JavaScript,...) to drive Notepad++ and make it even more powerful.


was inaugurated in early may 2009.

Non interactive documentation

NP++ Guides
There is a NppHelp.chm file bundled with Notepad++; it strives to get you acquainted with the editor. This wiki is the comprehensive reference documentation: please feel free to use the search box, or the links under np++ articles in the sidebar. Some older material is linked to from NP++_Guides.

For support in languages other than english, please refer to the corresponding translated page of .