Configuration No Longer Works

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Configuration No Longer Works

You probably aren't saving the file in the correct directory. Please see the question Configuration Files for details on where they should be located.

Sometimes during an upgrade the doLocalConf.xml file is removed or added, causing the directory to change (the installer doesnt add it by default, but the binary package does).

If you switched from installer to ziped package or back, and if the install options of the old and new Notepad++ are not consistent, then check whether Notepad++.exe has besides it a zero length doLocalConf.xml file. Adding or removing it has cured many problems.

User accounts =

On some Windows XP systems, as well as on most Vista / Win 7 machines, virtualisation as well as security management may prevent the saving of configuration fles when Notepad++ shuts down. This effectivly negates changes made from the user interface inside the editor. Basically, there are two ways around this:

  • Run Notepad++ as Administrator;
  • Install Notepad++ in a partition different than the system's (typically C:\), and check the Do not use %APPDATA% checkbox when installing.

Note that the latter will prevent the complete replacement of Notepad by Notepad++ - you'll get Notepad as a viewer for HYML source in IE, for instance. You somehow have to choose between a portable or integrated version.